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  • Warranty (保证)
    Please keep your confirmation email or warranty card to certificate as a purchase proof and send us email with your personal information and description of the issue at hand. 请您确认电子邮件或保修卡作为购买凭证,􏰀供您个人信息并􏰁述出现的问题情 况发送至我们的电子邮件发送。
  • Delivery Time (交货时间)
    It depends on where you are located. Asia countries are 3-5 working days, Non-asia countries are 1-2 weeks. All orders are shipped within 24 hours. 这取决于你所在的位置。亚洲国家为 3-5 个工作日,非亚洲国家为 1-2 周。所有 订单都在 24 小时内发货。
  • Shipping Area (送货区域)
    We ship everywhere around the world. 我们全国各地运送。
  • Exchange (退换)
    We can only accept the exchange if the item you are returning is unused and in new condition. You will be responsible for the returning cost. For additional questions, email us at or and we’ll help you out. 如果您要退货未使用且处于新状态,我们只能接受换货,您将负责退货费用。 如有其他问题,请发送电子邮件至 /,我们会尽快帮您解决 问题。
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