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- About The Brand -

Our Story


This fast-growing bioscience food solutions company is located in Pathum Thani Province north of Bangkok.

We develop, import, produce and distribute organic raw materials and ingredients for the food industry in accordance with the highest quality standards. 

Thai Chong Food Co., Ltd. is also an Asian distribution partner for renowned brand manufacturers, to benefit customers through an innovative and carefully crafted product range. We provide a full range of OEM and ODM services. Our friendly committed team and comprehensive service packages include excellent advice with first class logistics and IT infrastructure. We are a top quality one-stop solution provider.


The Chong are an aboriginal ethnic group indigenous in Eastern Thailand. Their historical traditional medicine is a blend of spiritualism using medicinal plants gathered from the forest.


The Chong community in Thailand is primarily located in and around Chanthaburi. Their ethnic language which is unlike Thai in many ways has recently been studied. King Taksin the Great of the Thonburi dynasty was the son of a Chinese immigrant from Guangdong Province with Thai Chinese heritage.


King Taksin led an armed force of Chong people to liberate Siam from Burmese occupation after the second fall of Ayutthaya in 1767, and subsequently unified Siam after it fell under the control of various warlords.


The Chong community elders have bountiful knowledge regarding the pharmaceutical uses of herbs and plants. This know-how which is passed on by word-of-mouth must not be lost.


Our Vision


To maintain and cement our position as the preferred organic bioscience company, offering solutions to customers to promote the health food nutrition industry.


Our Mission


To supply organic solutions that bring advantages to our customers.


Our Eight Values


1) Innovative

We are explorers, always striving for new horizons to search for and develop novel solutions. We collect and collate all traditional knowledge to generate new bioscience solutions and applications to best serve our modern lifestyle and promote health and wellness.


2) Open-minded

We love challenges and embrace change.


3) Pro-active

We go the extra mile to find great solutions and always keep our partners up-to-date.


4) Dependable

We deliver on our promises because we know that in the bioscience food industry strong relationships are based on trust.


5) Fair

Long-term partnerships are based on honesty and shared success.


6) Transparent

We communicate clearly and openly with our partners.


7) Sustainable

We support social, ethical and ecologic standards.


8) Entrepreneurial

We take our future in our own hands.

Vision and Expertise


We offer a unique combination of entrepreneurial spirit and vision, honed through many years of industrial expertise and combined with a genuine passion for food, health and wellness.


Why it is a pleasure to work with us?


We offer comprehensive expertise covering all aspects of organic food ingredients and production methods in new emerging markets to develop trends and applications through thoughtful solutions.




Our team members have an average of 20 years’ industrial experience in the fields of Quality Assurance, Research, Development & Applications, Offline and Online Sales & Business Development. We guarantee fast and accurate results.

Quality management is our top priority


Our safety and quality concepts include food defense programs, internal and external quality controls according to international standards, effective risk management, supplier monitoring and our own in-house auditing of production sites. We guarantee safety and transparency throughout the supply chain.



We demand and promote the highest ethical and quality standards among our suppliers to ensure long-term success.

Global Connections


As a founder member of Scicasts, a dynamic knowledge network and cross-sector intelligence that brings together the best of science, engineering and business from around the world, we know the big and up-coming players, trends and decision-makers.



Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health, Thailand. We offer quality you can trust.

Thai Chong Food Co., Ltd.  Exploring Agricultural Solutions for Sustainability


Humans must eat to survive. How we produce food, what we eat, and how we eat it, have crucial implications not only for individual health but also for societal, environmental, and economic well-being. There is no escaping this truth and humanity has nowhere else to go.

Thai Chong Food Co., Ltd., focuses on the transformation of biological raw materials into food products. A Bioscience Engineer in Food Science and Technology requires expertise and insight into diverse aspects of the food production chain to understand mutual interactions between the links. We must master these insights and achieve the required technological, sensory and nutritional functionality of foodstuffs. Our vocational field is broad; we need to think big to develop insights into the chemistry of primary raw materials and their relationships with the functional properties of the food products they generate. Diverse chemical, physical and microbiological processes utilized effectively will impact on these primary raw materials to produce healthy, safe and high quality foodstuffs.

We have our own organic plantation in Eastern Thailand where new and exciting experimentation is conducted.

Buy our products and travel forward with us. ​

Welcome to Thai Chong Food
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